Your company’s support makes it possible for girls and gender-expansive youth to build the world they want to see! Our corporate sponsors provide necessary funding to help keep our programming no- and low-cost for all students and families. We are currently seeking corporate support and partnership for our 2023-2024 year of programming.

91% of our girls report increased confidence in ALL parts of their lives after being part of Girls Garage!

Girls Garage is reshaping the face of STEM, design, and vocational trades by supporting confident, skilled, and audacious future female and gender-expansive leaders. A corporate donation to Girls Garage is a commitment to support no-cost and low-cost programming for fearless builders aged 9-18 years old in the Bay Area. Your gift goes directly to the materials, transportation, and instructor stipends associated with our women-led community design/build projects.


Here is how your company can support Girls Garage:

  • Corporate Gifts
    Make a donation to support our mission of inspiring a new generation of fearless builder girls. Corporate donors can give to our general fund or designate the program best-suited for the mission and priorities of your business.
  • Employee Matching Gifts
    Match your employee’s donation and double their impact.
  • Client Gift Donations
    End of year gifts to clients and customers introduce new communities to Girls Garage.
  • In-Kind Donations
    Contribute much-needed materials, supplies, tools, and software to fuel our projects and programs.
  • Percent of Sales
    Donate a percentage of sales for a fixed timeframe or from a specific product.
  • Media Fundraising Campaigns
    Donate to Girls Garage through customer engagement, such as in direct relation to customers sharing a social media post or purchasing a product

Corporate funders receive:

  • Social media acknowledgment on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Listing in our annual Impact Report
  • Listing as a sponsor on a specific program page (optional)

Donors who contribute $10,000 or more will receive a laser-etched wood tile on the community wall at Girls Garage, amongst the names of our girls and other funders and partners.

To learn more about cash and in-kind corporate partnerships, please contact our Director of Development, Kristy Higares, at

“We chose Girls Garage as it promises unique and valuable education and experience for girls, in contrast to popular mainstream yet stereotypical options. Meticulously planned, closely coordinated, and perfectly executed. Thank you, Girls Garage, for a unique experience and meaningful memories!”

— Deepti, Corporate Workshop Participant

“Working with these girls for a very long time has been amazing. I’ve know some for 5+ years and some for barely a week, but I feel like working on this huge project together has made us all even closer. One of my favorite things on the whole process was physically building the actual parklet with the other girls. It was so much fun to work together and hear everyone’s ideas and strategies. Another thing I really enjoyed was the woman from the landscaping architecture firm who talked to us about what they do and some of their advice on our parklet. It also gave me ideas of careers I might want to go into in the future.”

— Mikaela