Help us keep giving students the tools and confidence to imagine, design and build fearlessly.

Our youth and community programming changes lives, and it is only possible with the support of people like you. Whether you can offer money, tools, or resources to give, your support will make a lasting impact.



We rely on the generosity of individual supporters to fuel our technical, creative, and service-based workshops for pre-teen and teen girls and gender-expansive youth. Your one-time donation or monthly pledge signals faith in our work and supports us in inspiring young people to fear less and build more.

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Our wishlist is filled with needed tools, supplies, gift cards, and equipment that will help us with our operating costs on design and build projects. Your in-kind donations underwrite the cost of programming and subsidize our material budgets for our free and low-cost after-school and summer programs for girls and gender-expansive youth.


Girls Garage Merchandise

All proceeds from merchandise directly support our much-needed programs for fearless young builders. We've got supersoft hoodies, red and rainbow versions of our popular t-shirts, pennants, pins, tattoos, stickers, and posters.


Corporate Sponsorships

Corporations and local companies can sponsor programs, match employee donations, make in-kind donations, or contribute a share of proceeds. Your company's support helps diversify the workforce, provides pathways into STEM, and creates important access to fruitful careers, industries, and mentors.⁣

Corporate Support

Social Media Fundraiser

You can directly support the mission of Girls Garage by creating a Facebook fundraiser or adding a donate sticker to an Instagram story. This is a simple way to let your social media network know about our work and make it easy for them to directly and positively impact students' lives through a tax-deductible donation.⁣

Facebook Fundraiser

Workshops + Teambuilds

Fees from booking a group workshop for your company, club, or organization support low-cost and free programming for girls and gender-expansive youth. So as your group builds together, they’re paying it forward to the next generation, too. Private workshops and team-building events are available at our place or yours.

Group Events

Partners And Funders

Our general operations and programs are supported by incredible individuals, sponsors, foundations, and grantmakers with like-minded funding priorities and shared values.

Our Supporters

“Problem-solving, working with my hands, busting gender roles, being mentored by excellent role models, serving the community, and being in a safe space with others working through the same challenges I am—I know firsthand how empowering each of these experiences is. Girls Garage offers all of them, so I’ve been a grateful supporter for many years.”

— Vita, Donor and Founder of Culture of Repair

“My commitment to supporting women in technology means ensuring that girls have access to the spaces, tools, and committed mentors they need and deserve. Girls Garage provides all of these things at no cost to girls who will be our future leaders in STEM fields. It’s so important to champion people doing real things with their hands, for their communities, and that’s why I support Girls Garage.”

— Craig Newmark, Founder of craigslist and Craig Newmark Philanthropies

“Girls Garage has changed the way my daughter feels about herself as a learner and a creative person—and perhaps that is the greatest gift the program offers our girls. The skillset my daughter is building is clear and undeniable. I never anticipated the self-reliance she would gain, or the faith she would develop in herself as a result of her work. The experience has exploded her notion of what she believes she is capable of doing.”

— Stephanie, Parent and Board Member

“Free tuition at Girls Garage has eliminated any barriers that could deprive me of an experience that I believe all girls should have access to. It has allowed me to practice something I am passionate about, in a safe space, without having to worry about fees, as well as allowed some of my closest friends to attend these empowering classes with me. If I wasn’t able to be a part of Girls Garage, I would have never found my love for engineering and design, which is what I’m going to do in college and as a career in the future.”

— Erica, 17 years old