We design, build, dream, and work in a space of our own. Our 3600-square-foot home in West Berkeley, California allows us to cultivate an ever-growing community of creative leaders.

Interested in using our space for your next meeting or event? We’d love to host you! Contact us at info@girlsgarage.org.

A former Krav Maga martial arts gym, we took over the space in April 2016 and underwent five months of improvements and renovation before opening our doors in September. We patched and painted the walls, refinished the floor, replaced the windows, built out a full woodshop, classroom, and digital makerspace, and covered the walls in words and images to inspire creativity. If you’re interested in using our space, here are some highlights:

  • 2500 square foot ground floor workshop space
  • 600 square foot upstairs classroom with projector, sound, modular table setup by Steelcase, whiteboards, and library
  • Wireless and phone connection
  • Bathroom, large shop sink with nozzle, limited kitchen setup
  • Capacity: 35-40 depending on activity, though 15-25 is more comfortable
  • Great location within 1-3 blocks of Whole Foods, Philz Coffee, Walgreens, REI, Chipotle, Tokyo Fish Market, and more

View a map of our location here >>

View additional photos of our space here >>