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“It was a true bonding experience to build the toolbox together. We both felt empowered by what we had built. Learning these skills in the company of other women is crucial to feeling comfortable in your workspace.”

— Melissa + Ayla, Mother/Daughter Builder Bootcamp Participants"

“I learned so much about building, designing, and being a woman. It was amazing that in such a short time I made such great friends and was able to be confident and comfortable with them. I really like how this feels like such a safe and empowering space.”

— Izzy

“Girls Garage is a place of transformation. As I learned about power tools, I built a house, practiced leadership skills, and learned how to fear less and build more.”

— Ellah, 13 years old

“I am personally working towards establishing myself as a visual artist. And even somewhere as liberal and diverse as the Bay Area, there is always that feeling... That feeling that because you are a woman, and especially a young one, that what you are doing is lesser; less informed, less talented, less valuable. But when I’m at Girls Garage, and the reason I have stuck around so long and plan to as long as I can is that I truly feel the exact opposite. The space radiates with support, appreciation, and empathy; helping me further my work and connect with others.”

— Innua, 17 years old

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