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“Girls Garage is a place of transformation. As I learned about power tools, I built a house, practiced leadership skills, and learned how to fear less and build more.”

— Ellah, 13 years old

“I am personally working towards establishing myself as a visual artist. And even somewhere as liberal and diverse as the Bay Area, there is always that feeling... That feeling that because you are a woman, and especially a young one, that what you are doing is lesser; less informed, less talented, less valuable. But when I’m at Girls Garage, and the reason I have stuck around so long and plan to as long as I can is that I truly feel the exact opposite. The space radiates with support, appreciation, and empathy; helping me further my work and connect with others.”

— Innua, 17 years old

“The experience was so amazing for me because I got to show my work to school kids, teachers, and parents that use the classrooms and school space. I am so grateful that I got the experience to create a powerful symbol of hope and interconnectedness. I don’t think I could have gotten the same experience anywhere else, creating powerful artwork alongside girls my age, artwork with a social justice purpose.”

— Keiani

“Being in an all-girls space has been a beautiful experience. I will never forget all the support given to me through this program, and all the memories will forever live on in my heart. I got to connect with so many girls and women who have the power to do whatever they put their minds to, and it’s truly been inspirational. I loved being able to connect with so many other girls from different backgrounds, and I’ve created unbreakable bonds. I came into Girls Garage not knowing anyone and came out with sisters.”

— Ameera

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