Hot off the presses! Our 2019 Impact Report is 40+ pages of pure awesome.

Each year, we publish an impact report that outlines our important work, savors our successes, and shines a spotlight on our amazing community of fearless girl builders, supporters, and staff. 2019 was our biggest and boldest so far: we enrolled nearly 200 girls, committed to offering all our teen programming at no cost, exceeded our annual budget projection, built ambitious architectural projects for local nonprofits on schedule and under budget, and established community partnerships that connect our girls’ skills to real-world impact. We are so excited to share this recap with you!

What’s inside…

Girls Garage’s 2019 Impact Report summarizes our work and why it matters, shows the breadth of our programs, describes the girls’ experience with us in their own words, reveals fun facts and stats about our year, presents our financial performance, and applauds our supportive network of donors and partners. Here are a few highlights and takeaways:

Free Teen Programs

In 2019, we offered 100% free teen programming to all high school girls. We made this decision to demonstrate all-in, blanket support for the balancing act of academics, college applications, jobs, finances, and individual stresses that teen girls and their families face.

Authentic Experiences And Relationships

“It was a true bonding experience to build the toolbox together. We both felt empowered by what we had built. Learning these skills in the company of other women is crucial to feeling comfortable in your work space.”
— Melissa and Ayla

Upending Expectations and Stereotypes

There is a common narrative that girls “aren’t interested,” or are “shy,” or “need to be encouraged.” At Girls Garage, we witness the opposite: girls are hungry to be builders, leaders, to be given space, to take up space. They are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

A Focus on Community and High-Fidelity Work

From woodworking and carpentry to MIG welding and screenprinting, our programs challenge girls to combine technical and creative skills with individual voice and community impact.

We couldn’t do what we do without you. We welcome your ongoing support as we kick off 2020 with fearlessness. There are so many ways to help Girls Garage thrive! Please visit our SUPPORT page for ways to donate, fundraise, volunteer, or partner with us.