Lottery Applications Now Closed (Results will be sent December 15)


**Please note that we have moved our Carpentry + Woodworking program to a random lottery-based application process to provide the most equitable opportunity for all families. Please read below for a full schedule of the lottery process. We encourage you to sign up for our newsletter here to receive a reminder when applications open!

Our winter 2023 project will be a fun take-home piece of furniture that will require carpentry, layout, finishing, and decorative skills. Each student will have the opportunity to make the piece their own!


Carpentry and woodworking is the heart of Girls Garage! We offer 4-week sessions in the fall, winter, and spring to students ages 9-14 years old. The course begins with hand tools and continue with power tools and an integrated wood workshop. With a focus on safety, we teach layout and measurement fundamentals and precise cutting, shaping, and assembly techniques. Tools taught include tape measure, speed square, clamps, hammers, chisels, files, handsaws, chop saw, jigsaw, bandsaw, drills, drivers, and hand and power sanders. Each session focuses on one project (a new project every session!), integrating tool knowledge and mathematical concepts. Students take home personal projects that will remind them of their craft and growing knowledge! Our Carpentry and Woodworking program for 9- to 14-year-old students is also great preparation for students interested in continuing on in our Young Women’s Design and Building Institute and/or our Advanced Design/Build teen program.

Winter 2023 Registration and Lottery Schedule:

  • December 1
    Lottery applications open online, via a link at the top of this page. The application form will include an opportunity to apply for scholarships. Siblings must submit separate applications.
  • December 10
    Lottery applications DUE by 5:00pm, after which Girls Garage staff will conduct a random lottery drawing for each week of camp
  • December 15
    Notifications sent to 12 students/families per session, plus a wait list of 6 spots per session. Notifications will include scholarship rate, if applicable.
  • December 20
    Payment and online waivers must be received in order to secure spot