Ms. Magazine published a feature story, “Dismantling the Patriarchy in Technicolor,” about our activist art programs at Girls Garage! Written by Bethany Kaylor, the essay explores the origin story of the first activist art class at Girls Garage (Protest + Print) and how it has evolved to meet the political, social, and personal needs of the present moment. Arts instructors Emily Pilloton-Lam, HyeYoon Song, and Yétundé Olagbaju, were interviewed for the piece, as well as Girls Garage alumna Malaya Conui.

To have our story featured in Ms. is an honor! Since its inception in 1971, Ms. has pushed the boundaries of gender equity in the United States, tackling issues of abortion, sexual and domestic violence, the Equal Rights Amendment, and more.

We’re proud to join this canon of intersectional American feminism, and we’re excited to highlight the amazing work of our teen artists!