We’re proud to announce that the Rippleworks Foundation awarded Girls Garage a  $50,000 grant for general operating and programming support. This unearmarked award will go towards supporting our instructors’ salaries and the material costs for our spring and summer programs, including Advanced Design/Build, Young Women’s Design and Building Institute, Builder Bootcamp, and our activist art classes.

“Rippleworks is blown away by the work Girls Garage is doing to not only help teach young women practical skills, but open up their perspective on what is possible for them,” Alex Evangelides, Rippleworks’ Venture Director, says. “With the pandemic deeply impacting so many communities and learning opportunities for youth, Rippleworks is prouder than ever to support organizations like Girls Garage who continue to do this life-changing work.”

Rippleworks is a Bay Area-based nonprofit foundation that supports fast-growing, deeply impactful social ventures around the world. Rippleworks leads short-term, high-impact projects where social ventures tackle their top operational challenges by working closely alongside leading startup executives from top Silicon Valley companies (including Airbnb, Netflix, Google). Rippleworks’ Insights program has equipped 700+ leaders at high-growth social ventures with critical startup and leadership skills through a series of Experts-led workshops. Rippleworks also provides hard-to-find capital required for scale (grants and investments in the $1M-$3M range) and has distributed $40M+ to scaling social ventures since 2018. Rippleworks’ Community Grants program supports community-based non-projects in the Bay Area and other local communities around the US. In 2020, Fast Company named Rippleworks one of the world’s Most Innovative Companies.

We’re so grateful for the support of the Rippleworks Foundation, and we’re inspired by their equity-driven vision. Through partnerships like these, Girls Garage is able to continue to expand and support our community of fearless girls and gender-expansive youth as they build the world they want to see.