This year’s Fearless100 celebrates Girls Garage’s commitment to equipping girls with the tools they need to build the world they want to see.

Tools change our relationship to the world around us; finding the right tool for the job is our first response when tackling a building or repair issue. And, coupled with grit and fearlessness, access to tools is critical for being able to shape our environment and fix what is broken. Particularly for young women, tools are a source of power to repair, build, and have authorship of our own world, fostering a mindset of strength and agency for our girls throughout their lives.

Our summer 2020 program looked a little different than normal. Because of COVID-19, our no-cost Young Women’s Design and Building Institute moved to a virtual format with girls building modular shelves for a food pantry and chairs from their own homes. In order to equip participants with all the tools they would otherwise be able to access here at Girls Garage, we curated and assembled a physical toolbox for each girl, stocked with 20+ essential tools. Even after girls successfully built their chair and shelf module, they kept on building beyond the program, fixing things in their own homes and constructing useful furnishings for their families, including planter boxes and a bench.

From the constraints of our 2020 programming came a discovery that has inspired a program-wide expansion for 2021. With the Fearless100 campaign, we are committing to provide 100 teen girls with their own toolbox, at no cost, to keep for life.

Fatoumata with toolbox

We need your help to equip our girls with this robust toolbox! Your support will help us provide a drill/driver set, saw, tape measure, sanding sponge, clamps, speed square, wood burner, hardware, and more! Each girl will receive their own set of tools to keep, which not only provides the equipment they need to build and repair, but also gives them a sense of independence and bravery. Our priority will be to offer toolboxes to the teen girls participating in our free programs in 2021, with surplus toolboxes provided to girls by application, with preference given to girls from under-resourced communities and schools.

Donate Now

building a chair at home

100% of our teen programs are free, thanks to the generosity of donors like you. Your commitment enables us to provide high-fidelity programs and personal toolboxes to teen girls who are shaping and reshaping the world they live in. Every year, Girls Garage is home to 100 teen girls as they design and build in small cohorts, in a space entirely dedicated to them, leveraging their own skills and talent to complete community projects that will live in the world. After their experience at Girls Garage, 96% of girls report increased confidence and interest in STEM and trades. Through building, teen girls realize and recognize their own power!

We are asking our community to support our Fearless100 campaign to give a set of full-size, high-quality tools to 100 girls who attend our programs. Each toolbox is meticulously curated by Emily, our Founder and Executive Director, and includes essential power tools, hand tools, hardware, and finishing tools. These toolboxes ensure that wherever a teen girl may go, and whatever projects she needs to tackle, she will be ready.

Toolbox contents:
28″ hard shell toolbox
Drill and impact driver
Two clamps
Tape measure
Speed square
Sanding sponge
Adjustable wrench
Flat-head and Phillips screwdrivers
1 ¼ finish nails
2 ½ GRK fasteners
1 ⅝ screws
Wood glue
Safety glasses
Girls Garage signed book