Session: Carpentry + Woodworking, Winter 2023

Builders: 18 builders

Materials: hardwood (walnut, cherry or maple), sanding paper, chop saw, scroll saw, wood glue, clamps, laser etch (optional), drill, nail, magnet, forstner bit, mineral oil for finishing

Description: Our youthful builders created secret book boxes to stash important things in…like candy! This project took patience, precision, and detail from our students. From using the chop saw to cut lumber to gluing in the frame, they were able to practice the foundational skills for future woodworking projects. The secret book boxes called for hardwood (walnut for the cover, spine and tab fillet, maple or cherry for the inside frame), an unusual treat for Girls Garage students, who typically work in softer wood, like redwood or Douglas fir. We can say with confidence that this was our most literary project to date…and one of the silliest too!

Student glues maple frame for secret book box
Students gluing spines onto cover
Student holding wooden book
Girls Garage students create secret book boxes