In 2016, Ove Arup Foundation awarded Girls Garage a grant that helped fund the opening of our physical space. Their support also helped us establish the Young Women’s Design and Building Institute. And now, we are pleased to announce that we have been awarded a £20,000 (roughly $25,000) grant by Ove Arup Foundation that will support our Advanced Design/Build Program.

Advanced Design/Build is a year-round program that gathers a truly diverse group of high-school-age girls to work with shared purpose and build professional-quality projects that serve our local community. More than any other Girls Garage program, Advanced Design/Build requires a large commitment from instructors and mentors over a year-long schedule. The grant significantly contributes to one year of instructor salaries (two instructors: an architect and an engineering educator/carpenter) over 32 weeks of after-school programming and 1 week of summer programming.

Terry Hill, Chair of Ove Arup Foundation, affirmed their ongoing support, “We have worked with and supported Girls Garage for many years and are delighted to continue our funding anew. They continually push boundaries to put girls at the forefront of built environment futures. Keep pushing!”

Other endeavors supported by Ove Arup Foundation include a play written by about the under-recognized female engineer Sarah Guppy, a leadership development program that addresses the engineering skills gap, and an architecture and design program for disadvantaged youth. These and other recipients, including Girls Garage, meet Ove Arup Foundation’s mission of funding educational initiatives that develop new thinking about the built environment and advance inclusive design, especially programs with an element of interdisciplinary collaboration.

Support from foundations and grantmakers is absolutely critical to Girls Garage’s ability to continue to provide free programs to teen girls. Eliana, a high school senior, a leader in her Advanced Design/Build cohort said, “Girls Garage being free of charge has allowed me to pursue my passions without financial hindrance. It’s given me the opportunity to discover and investigate what I want to do in life.”

We are so appreciative of Ove Arup Foundation’s support for this life-changing program!