We are excited to share that we are a recipient of the Making the Future grant from Cognizant. They were looking for US nonprofits that:

  • inspire students with hands-on learning opportunities and outlets for creative problem-solving
  • support young people whose access to STEM education and enrichment might otherwise be limited
  • transform teaching and learning through advocacy and access to professional development opportunities
  • celebrate the art of designing and building really cool things, either doing it yourself (DIY) or with others (DIWO)
  • advance maker-centered learning as the catalyst for life-long learning, a future-ready workforce, and an equitable and inclusive society
  • build competence in the use of tools, materials, and processes
  • spark creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and other 21st-century learning skills
  • pull kids into STEM disciplines by generating interest and confidence

Those are their words! And it’s the same kind of bullet list we would write ourselves. We are incredibly proud that Girls Garage was selected as an embodiment of those ideals. We are grateful that Cognizant not only chose Girls Garage for the Making the Future grant, but also that, more broadly, they made a commitment to such an important mission and to evaluate under that set of criteria. Girls Garage in good company with dozens of nonprofits that are striving to create compelling, high-impact after-school and summer STEAM programs.

Support from Cognizant will help our teen girls spend the summer in the Young Women’s Design and Build Institute at no cost. The $20,000 grant will help underwrite instructor stipends, building materials, and program expenses for these free programs for teen girls.