Welded Family Symbols

During the summer of 2013 (our first sessions ever!), we pulled out the MIG welder and fused metal like superheroes. Our girls learned all the mechanics of how a welder works, how it uses electricity to physically fuse steel, and safe procedures for its operation. Over the course of the week, we practiced, practiced, and practiced, learning fillet welds, butt welds, and end welds. Then, we asked “How might we use this amazing tool to create something of personal significance?” Each girl was given the challenge of researching the meaning of her family name, then creating a graphic symbol using 4 pieces of steel to represent that meaning. The steel was pre-cut in 4-12 inch lengths at 45 degree angles, making them either parallelograms or trapezoids. Each girl designed, laid out, and then welded her symbol, and finished it with rust-proof paint. The results were unique, dynamic, and powerful, and were presented in an exhibition for families at the end of the week. Erica’s symbol is shown here, which represents the meaning of her given names, “royal,” and “celebration.”