Taking apart a computer

One of our sponsors, Lenovo, has generously provided us with some very durable and high-performance workstations that we use for digital design and laser-etching. During our third week of 2016 summer camp, we were lucky to welcome Ali Ent, a female industrial designer from Lenovo who was the lead designer on the P900 desktop workstation. Her design for the machine was brilliant: Make the inside of the computer self-explanatory with visual touchpoints and modular pieces that could be removed and replaced without tools, by anyone. After she gave a presentation to girls about her career as an industrial designer and opportunities in related fields of computer science and engineering, she brought out a P900 machine and said, “Ok, take it apart!” With only intuition and problem-solving skills, our girls disassembled the entire computer, figured out which parts did what, and re-assembled it (in record time of 2 minutes on their second attempt!). Read Ali’s recap from Lenovo here.