We are proud to present the work of our Monday Teen Advanced Design/Build Class! Time’s Up: Escape The Patriarchy! is a feminist-themed escape room designed and built by our teen girls. Over the past 8 weeks, these 12 girls worked with instructors Emily Pilloton and Alejandra Utrera to research the history of feminism and turn the content into a series of puzzles and challenges in the physical space (our reception area). Participants must complete each step of the game to escape from historical eras of patriarchy.

The escape room will be open to the public on Saturday, March 24th and Sunday, March 25th, with 4 open time slots on each day, for a total of 4 participants at a time (space is constrained). Participants will have 30 minutes to solve the puzzles, make their way through the room(s) and escape!

For those of you interested in signing up or learning more about escape rooms, you can do so here.┬áKeep in mind that some of the subject matter included in the room relates to reproductive rights and women’s health, and may not be suitable for young children. Also note that if this first-run of escape room dates sells out, we will likely add more weekend dates in early April!

We could not be more excited by the care and ambition demonstrated by these girls, and the complex and incredible work they have done together. Time’s Up: Escape The Patriarchy! only adds to our knowledge that together, girls can do anything.