Session: Young Women’s Design and Building Institute, Summer 2019

Builders: 23 builders, 9th-12th grade

Materials: Redwood dimensional lumber, garden lattice, deck screws, sand, steel, spray paint, and toys!

Description: In the 2019 summers session of Young Women’s Design + Building Institute, 23 teen girls and gender-expansive youth built two sandboxes for two of our local pre-schools. The first sandbox for Hopkins Preschool was hexagonal in shape, assembled in six segments of benches cut with 60-degree miter cuts. The second sandbox was a shaded structure over a rectangular sandbox for Franklin Preschool. Each of the sandboxes was also adorned with a kinetic wind sculpture welded by girls, including a post on a bearing and cupped “fins” that spin with the wind. The sandboxes were debuted to the toddlers, who cannonballed into the sand with glee!

Girls Garage sandbox