Session: Advanced Print Shop, After-School Spring 2021; Own Your Voice, After-School Spring 2021

Artists: 7 girls

Materials: Chipboard, glue, fabric, beeswax thread, bonefolder, (for books); Xerox machine, gluesticks, scissors, magazines, pen, white paper, colored paper (for zines)


In Advanced Print Shop this spring, our teen artists (including our artists-in-residence, Laila and Malaya) each focused on curating a book from their existing multimedia portfolio. With the guidance of instructors Yétundé Olagbaju and Emily Pilloton-Lam, they experimented with cyanotype and block printing, and with the expertise of guest instructor Jesi Guiterriez, they learned different bookbinding techniques: curation, stitching, and the construction of a bookbox.

Meanwhile, in “Own Your Voice”—Girls Garage’s first writing class—three teen writers worked on writing, designing, and publishing their own zines. Using a mixture of writing exercises—letters, erasure poetry, sonnets, collage—they assembled a portfolio of work, which they then organized into an 8-page zine. Using a mixture of the risograph printer and the Xerox machine, they printed 15 copies of their zines in different inks and colored paper.

Advanced Print Shop at Girls GarageBlockprinting at Girls Garage
Girls Garage writers and artists make zines