Fall registration opens August 1

Let’s fuse metal and make sparks fly! In our 6- or 8-week after-school welding course, girls will learn MIG welding processes and techniques, along with related steel and metalworking tools like cutting with a bandsaw, filing, drilling, and finishing. Using various types of welds and metal stock, girls will fabricate steel projects for themselves and their community. Previous examples of projects include side tables, a rolling ball sculpture, small planter boxes, and coffee tables. Our class size is limited to 8 girls to maximize 1-on-1 work time with our welding instructor and the machine itself. This class is led by skilled female welders and fabricators with an appreciation for both the craft and applications of welding.

About MIG Welding

We teach MIG (metal inert gas) flux-core welding without a gas tank, which is a great entry-level welding process that is forgiving, fun, and structurally sound. Our welding setup and protective gear ensures safe operation and focused individualized instruction. Girls will learn not only how a MIG welder works, but the scientific principles of an electrical arc, circuit, and conductivity that make welding possible.