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This class will take place virtually via Zoom! Participants will need access to the Zoom app on a computer or mobile device (laptop or desktop computer recommended).

Let’s draw and make together! Restorative Drawing and Making is meant to build community and drawing/making techniques by giving girls time to unwind and enjoy the creative process. Led by Maryland Art Educator of the Year, Meghann Harris, this class will invite girls to make work in multiple media in a low-stress environment with support, collaboration, and joy. In-class demonstrations will focus on fun, restorative drawing activities, in-class sharing, and crafting.

Girls will need the materials below, and any other upcycled or craft materials are more than welcome!

  • One skein of yarn in a color of your choice
  • One large piece of drawing paper for wishing tree project (poster board will work great!)
  • Sketchpad/pieces of paper for in class-drawing exercises
  • Assorted colored paper pieces for collage or cut-outs
  • Gluestick
  • Drawing implements: pencils, colored pencils, markers

Sample class activities:

Animal Mages
This class, we will learn to build our own animal mages, ala Dungeons and Dragons. Students will build their characters based off of important parts of their personality with several animals demonstrated. We will also build our own paper dice so we can roll for different attributes and choose what our character will look like.

Doodle Chains
In this exercise, students will be prompted to start their chain with a specific doodle from the teacher. As we doodle, students will call out different items/objects to add to the doodle chain. Each of those objects will be added for a set drawing time. Once the time is expired, we will move into coloring/embellishment mode where students will expand upon the initial drawing to fit their aesthetic preferences.

Color Auras
A drawing and coloring exercise meant to allow students to process their feelings visually and push them from in their head out onto paper. We will start with a portrait of our dreamiest/highest version of ourselves. Then we will draw a visual “color aura” which explores all the feelings and colors within our bodies that day. What colors are inside your breath when you breathe in? What colors leave when you breathe out? Students will have the chance to share their work together while speaking to how the colors mix and what those colors do to the composition.

Wishing Trees
In this class, students will learn to illustrate their personal “tree” on larger paper. Then we will take combined scrap paper and assorted items to write our wishes for this year and our loved ones. We will glue or tape our wishes to the tree and choose a special place in our home to hang the wishing trees to remind ourselves throughout the year.