Spring 2019

Protest and Print

Printmaking has been used historically and recently as an artistic tool for protest, activism and social justice. This class is a continuation of our Winter 2019 Protest + Print class, moving from individual protest posters to a larger-scale installation of activist art. We will focus on screen printing, a highly versatile and an easily accessible process loved by many contemporary artists and utilized historically by many artists with activist agenda. Instructors will help lead group and individual conversations about pressing issues that we as women feel individually and collectively, and help translate this conversation, hope, anger, and curiosity into a large-scale work in public space. Please note that some of the content discussed in this course may be difficult, personal, and intense. We thank you for trusting us to have these conversations with girls, and we promise to create a safe and supportive space for activist artmaking. This course is offered at no-cost thanks to the support of generous donors.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until spots are filled.