Weekend Workshops

Mother/Daughter Builder Bootcamp

In this mother/daughter edition of our Builder Bootcamp class, mothers** and daughters (ages 9+) are invited to learn the basics of building in a woodshop. Whether you’re totally flummoxed by Home Depot, or want to become the go-to fix-it family in your neighborhood, this class is for you. You’ll learn how to properly use a wide variety of hand tools and power tools, measuring and layout techniques, sanding and finishing, and tricks of the trade for efficiency and craft. And best of all, you will put all these skills to use to complete your very own wooden toolbox to take home (to fill with tools, obviously!). Each mother/daughter duo will build a toolbox together (Building is Bonding!) and leave with a beautiful reminder of their work together.

**Aunts, big sisters, grandmothers, and other female grown-up guardians are welcome too!

Minimum age for child: 9 years and up