Weekend Drawing Class

"I can't draw!"

YES YOU CAN! We’ve heard so many people of all ages say “I can’t draw!” and to that we say “Can your hand hold a pencil and move? Then yes you can!” And the best way to get better at drawing is to DRAW!

Whether you’re an aspiring architect, artist, doodler, or just want to bring ideas out of your brain and onto paper, this class is a great place to start. Taught by our director, Emily Pilloton (who is also a self-identified “horrible draw-er”), this class will take participants through a series of fun and low-pressure exercises and prompts meant to loosen up the hand and connect our pen to our brains and eyes. We’ll talk about learning “how to see,” how to use different mark-making tools and strategies, and you’ll leave with a stack of proof that YES YOU CAN DRAW!

This class is not a technical drawing class (though we will talk about things like plan, section, elevation, and perspective), but rather all about quantity: the more we draw, and the more ways in which we draw, the better we’ll get. All ages and genders are welcome, and we’ll provide all the paper and drawing implements. But if you have your own favorites, please feel free to bring them!

**Enrollment is limited to 12. Girls Garage reserves the right to cancel the class if enrollment is under 6 participants.