DIY Planter Box: Buddy Build!

DIY Planter Box: Buddy-Build!

Bring your sister, mama, daughter, BFF, co-worker, or other female builder buddy, and let’s build some planter boxes! These standing planter boxes are 16×24″ wide and 24″ tall and made from durable cedar and redwood for easy access and care. If you’re in need of a small-scale planter for some lively flowers or homegrown herbs, come build it yourself at Girls Garage! Along the way, you’ll use a chop saw, jigsaw, sanding block, speed square, drill and driver, and learn how to read a set of plans and a builder’s “cut list.” Participants ages 9 and up are welcome in any female buddy combination (each pair will build one planter box). This workshop is led by our Founder and Executive Director, Emily Pilloton and Assistant Instructor Rosie Giusti. We can’t wait to get sawdusty with you!

Workshop includes: Materials (cedar, redwood, and hardware) and tools for one planter box per pair, wood burning equipment for decoration, all safety gear, 3 hours of woodworking instruction and hands-on support, and snacks!