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We are thrilled to welcome new instructor and Arts Program Leader Yétundé Olágbajú, who will lead the Advanced Print Studio as a new, no-cost art class for high school girls* and young womxn. The course will take place with a small group of 6 girls, with weekly Tuesday evening meetings upstairs in our new print shop space. We will work together in-person, utilizing indoor and outdoor space for our project, with strict mask and social distancing measures. Please help keep everyone safe by reviewing and observing our COVID-19 guidelines. If necessary, we will ensure that some of the sessions will be accessible virtually. This course will take place over 14 total weeks, with 8 weeks from January to March, a 4 week break, returning from April to May for the remaining 6 weeks.

*“Girls” refers to gender-expansive youth (cis girls, trans girls, non-binary youth, gender non-conforming youth, gender queer youth, and any girl-identified youth).

Applications are now closed for the Winter/Spring 2021 cohort


“I truly believe that people who define you control you. And the most significant thing that any person can do (especially Black women and men) is figure out who gave them those definitions and rewrite them for themselves.” — Taiye Selasi

Making Our Own Archive was dreamt up with the belief that our personal narratives and the narratives of our ancestors are important and to be elevated to the same level of importance as any other historical document. This winter, girls will learn and practice new artistic forms of expression (like risograph printing, block printing, photography, cyanotype printing, and creative writing) to create a body of work that is a reflection of respective “here and nows.” Each session, we will ask a questions like: What/who brings you joy? Where/who do you come from? What helps you get up in the morning? Who do you want to be? How do you want to show up in the world? In tandem with this personal research we will examine the work of various womxn and gender non-conforming artists, activists, writers, and cultural producers. Then, girls will work together to create a limited edition, hand-bound book that acts as an archive of their experiences. There is also an opportunity to help install and publicly show their work at a local gallery.


Advanced Print Studio is a studio-based arts course for girls interested in developing their creative voice and new techniques in multiple media. Utilizing risograph printing, photographic mediums, creative/poetic writing, block printing, zine making, and much more girls will leave the workshop with a budding body of artwork. This is a great class for girls who have already been a part of our Protest + Print class and are interested in continuing their art-making skills in a supportive, collaborative, and studio-based environment.

The course was conceived with the deep belief that our personal narratives and stories are important and worthy of archiving in artistic forms, and that self-definition is an act of protest for marginalized voices. In this class we will ask ourselves: What does it mean to be a womxn/femme in 2021? What are the things we want to remember about this time in our lives? And how do we want to see the world change?

In the wake of the election, in the midst of COVID-19, and while experiencing the general ups and downs of our lives, it is no surprise that sometimes our feelings and reflections can be lost in the thick of the times. Advanced Print Studio will allow girls the time and space to reflect and contextualize all that is happening around them, and create artwork that acts as an archive.

“I have been keeping myself awake” print by Malaya Conui with photography by Jeremy Grier for GOODS.

All images of girls without masks were taken in 2019 prior to COVID.