Welding 101: Make your own table!

If you want to feel like a super hero, fuse metal, and make sparks fly, this is the class for you! In this 2-day workshop limited to 6 participants, you’ll learn how to safely lay out, complete, and finish a small MIG-welded steel table with a laser-etched wood top. MIG (metal inert gas) welding is an easy technique to learn, with many tools, magnetic jigs, and types of welds to practice with. We’ll discuss how welding works and have plenty of time to practice and complete welds on your table. When you aren’t at the welding table, you’ll be cutting, finishing, and laser-etching your wood table top!

This workshop is open to all girls and women 14 years and up.

Please note that this workshop requires 2 days of participation to allow for overnight curing of finishes and paint. Please make sure you can attend both days:

Saturday, December 16: 9am-3pm (Welding + Wood Table)

Sunday, December 17: 11am-12pm (Attachment of Wood Top, then take it home!)