Fall 2018

Teen Girls Build: City Parklet Drafting and Design

For girls ages 13-17, this advanced class will work on a year-long real-world project (over 3 seasons): a curbside parklet in collaboration with the City of Berkeley! Working within the constraints of city permitting, our own fundraising, and physical design and construction possibilities, girls will design and help construct a fully functional urban parklet to be used by cafe diners and passersby in North Berkeley.**

The fall session will begin by looking at and adapting an already-approved parklet design and making it our own. We’ll learn scale drafting and design principles in order to finalize a proposed set of drawings for the city. In the winter and spring 2019 sessions to follow, we’ll begin building scale models and small components of the parklet and moving towards full scale building at Girls Garage and (hopefully!) the final street site.

**Please note that it is our hope to start construction by Spring 2019 at the parklet site. However, pending city approvals, community partnerships, etc, this schedule may be delayed. If we cannot build the full-scale parklet on site by our Spring session 2019, we will build a pop-up full-scale version out front of Girls Garage as an open house for the community and city to come experience the design!