Boxing + Activist Art

Fearless Fighters!

What do you fight for? At Girls Garage, we don’t just believe in swinging hammers and rocking the power tools; we believe that girls have formidable voices and that together we are a powerful force of activism. Whoever you are and wherever you’re from, we’re all fighting for something.

Teen girls: Join us for a half-day workshop that will channel your fighter spirit through both physical and creative work. Over the course of 4 hours, we’ll participate in a group boxing lesson (60 minutes) with our friends next door at Phoenix Gym, and also screenprint and blockprint customized “Fear Less __(fill in the blank)__ More” posters. Together we’ll feel our physical power as well as the power of our creative voices as young women.

This workshop is for teen girls ages 13-19. Participants should wear (or bring) clothes to work out in, and can also bring a light-colored cotton t-shirt for screenprinting. All boxing gear will be provided, and all boxing instruction will be non-contact. Girls will practice technique and work on the punching bags. All athletic and physical levels are welcome! Girls are welcome to bring snacks, bars, or a light lunch also.